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Embrace Natural Healing: Freedom Sleep and Release Kits

Embrace Natural Healing: Freedom Sleep and Release Kits

In our journey through life, we often encounter moments that leave deep imprints on our soul. These experiences, especially traumatic ones, can disrupt our sleep, affect our mood, and influence our overall well-being. This is particularly true for our brave military personnel, who have faced immense challenges in their line of duty. But remember, nature has bestowed us with powerful tools for self-healing.

Who Can Benefit from These Kits:

  • Individuals grappling with incessant thoughts.

  • Those occasionally besieged by anxiety.

  • People seeking mental peace before sleep.

  • Men, women, and children desiring uninterrupted sleep, free from the shadows of past fears or traumas.

  • Anyone struggling to process painful experiences.

  • Children who find separation from parents distressing.

  • Individuals finding it hard to connect with others due to past hurts.

  • Those who feel overwhelmed in social situations.

Freedom Sleep Collection: A Natural Path to Tranquility

This collection is a testament to the power of natural essences in restoring balance and harmony. It's designed to soothe your thoughts and feelings, setting the stage for a rejuvenating sleep, essential for overcoming life's hurdles and realizing your true potential. The collection includes four unique blends:

  1. Freedom EO Blend (15ML): A fusion of Copaiba, Sacred Frankincense, Idaho Blue Spruce, and other natural essences, crafted to calm the mind and release emotional traumas.

  2. AromaSleep EO Blend (15ML): A blend featuring Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and more, aimed at easing stress for restful sleep.

  3. Inner Harmony EO Blend (15ML): A concoction to balance mind, spirit, and emotions, fostering present-moment awareness.

  4. Valor EO Blend (5ML): A mix including Black Spruce and Frankincense, known for bolstering courage and inner peace.

Freedom Release Collection: Harmonizing Body and Spirit

This collection is a tribute to the healing power of nature, aiding in releasing anger and fostering forgiveness. It elevates the mind and nurtures positive emotions. The collection comprises five blends:

  1. Freedom EO Blend (15ML): Similar to the Sleep Collection, for mental clarity and potential.

  2. Divine Release EO Blend (15ML): A blend with Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood and others, for emotional release.

  3. Joy EO Blend (15ML): A mix including Ylang Ylang and Rose, to reopen emotional pathways and nurture self-love.

  4. Transformation EO Blend (15ML): A combination of Lemon, Peppermint, and more, for mental and emotional shifts.

  5. T.R. Care EO Blend (15ML): A blend for calming nerves and alleviating emotional traumas.

Usage Protocol:

Freedom Sleep Collection (Days 1 - 30): Apply in the morning and before bed as follows:

  1. Freedom: 1-3 drops on each foot or in shoes.

  2. AromaSleep: 1-3 drops on the back of the neck.

  3. Valor: 2 drops over the heart.

  4. Inner Harmony: 1-3 drops on each wrist.

Freedom Release Collection (Days 31-60): Apply in the morning and before bed as follows:

  1. Freedom: 1-3 drops on each foot or in shoes.

  2. Joy: 2 drops over the heart.

  3. Transformation: 1-3 drops on each wrist.

  4. Divine Release: 1-3 drops on temples or crown chakra.

  5. T.R. Care: 1-3 drops on the edges of each ear.


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