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All Services

All services are provided through telehealth only. Sessions are on a secure HIPPA compliant portal, Simple Practice. 


Payment for all services is the responsibility of the client, as I do not accept health insurance. For your convenience, all major credit cards are accepted. Payments are processed automatically at the conclusion of each session via a secure and HIPAA compliant electronic health record (EHR) portal.


MA in Marital and Family Therapy

Western Seminary, 2010



  • Addiction Studies

  • Integrative Mental Health

  • Suicidologist

  • Reiki Master



For those of you looking to be reimbursed for your sessions, I would need to be licensed in your State. I am licensed in CA, FL, ID, NV, MT, UT & VA. I do not bill insurance myself - in fact, I do not accept any insurance. However, if you want to file a claim you can do so with the Superbill I provide you for our sessions. Most insurances do honor a small percentage for out-of-network reimbursements. Please check with your provider.




Coaching sessions are good for people who do not plan to have insurance reimburse them and/or live in a state outside my license jurisdictions. Coaching sessions provide the freedom to use treatment how you'd like without the regulations and restrictions that each state and insurance company implements. This also helps the Provider use broader tools to better serve the Client.




As an experienced psychotherapist with a successful private practice, I offer specialized services to fellow therapists seeking to enhance their private practice operations and client case management. I provide consultations and tailored guidance to help you navigate the complexities of running a private practice, ensuring both professional growth and client satisfaction. My goal is to empower you with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in your therapeutic journey.



Every individual’s journey through therapy is unique. Typically, new clients are scheduled for weekly sessions at a consistent time and day for the initial three months. This consistency is crucial for establishing a therapeutic rhythm. After this period, we'll jointly evaluate progress and may consider bi-weekly sessions if appropriate. In cases of extreme distress, meeting twice a week might be initially more beneficial.

As clients gain greater control over their behaviors, develop a deeper understanding of their circumstances, and acquire a robust set of coping tools, we can transition to monthly "maintenance" sessions or conclude therapy, depending on their needs and progress.

My therapeutic approach integrates techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and a selection of tools tailored to individual stressors and needs. The focus is on processing pain, trauma, anxiety, fears, and confusion, aiding clients in self-discovery and acceptance of their reality.

Therapy is a journey without a set timeframe; it requires your active participation and willingness to engage in the work. My role is to support, guide, and provide professional advice, always empathetic to the aspects of life beyond your control.


I provide a 30-minute consultation to all new clients. Once you book, I will send an email with documents I need filled out before we meet. This provides me some information about you and allows you to sign certain consents for our telehealth session.

The consultation gives me a brief explanation as to why you decided to seek treatment at this time in your life. More importantly, it also allows you to evaluate me. It's a time for you to see if my modality of treatment aligns with your approach to life. 

Services provided by Soad Tabrizi

Make sure you're in a quiet and safe place when we meet so you can talk freely. Also double check to make sure your internet connection is optimal. You can use your smart phone, iPad, laptop or computer. You will receive an email reminder about 48 hours before our appointment time and you will get a link to our session about 10 minutes before we meet. 

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