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Therapy Gone Wrong: How Did We Get Here?

I am Generation X.

Born in '75 and graduated high school in '94.

We were given that name because of our identity - or lack thereof. It was a time when being either a hippie or yuppie were not the only choices. New trends started to appear. The Goth folks came into the scene with massive eyeliner and all-black everything. The Hip Hop group with baggy pants and oversized sweaters. The grunge look arrived with the socks in Birkenstocks and printed Ts galore. The yuppies turned into preppies, and the hippies morphed into either the grunge folks or that 70s show before there was That '70s Show. And of course, the Jocks and Cheerleaders abound.

We had a lot to choose from, and many of us bounced from look to look. We also adapted to the persona that these trends came with. Acting hard to fit the Hip Hop scene, acting aloof to depict the Grunge agenda, or making the grades to illustrate the preppy characteristic.

Many of our parents, educators, medical doctors, and essentially everyone in authority knew it was a phase and eventually, we'll come into our own later on in life. There was never a diagnosis made determinate on our feelings or emotions through those malleable years.

What the fuck happened?

How have we come to a place where our kids today show some confusion about their identity, and we are quick to diagnose, offer treatment, and possible MEDICAL SURGERY for them to "feel" more comfortable in their bodies?

There is no other mental health trend that has exponentially grown the way gender dysphoria has. Ever. And therapists are at the center of this epidemic.

You know what us Generation Xers did when we were confused or feeling a little off? We worked it the fuck out. We figured it out for ourselves. We didn't damn the world for something we felt.

Therapists today are taking their own negative experiences and working them out through their clients. They're demanding that what they went through must be shared and experienced with the rest of the world. Therapists quickly assume that any sign of confusion from any of their clients is a call to action for the gender-confused trend. And if this doesn't describe the therapist with an agenda who still adheres to this cult "treatment" - then they are the therapists with no critical-thinking ability to question the absurdity of encouraging a family to transition their child's sex based on their child's emotions. These therapists are either afraid or complacent.

To everyone that has been poisoned and damaged by this ideology: I am so very sorry. There are still some good therapists out there that can help. I pray you find us.


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