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Harnessing Nature's Power

The Journey to Emotional and Physical Wholeness

In our quest for true healing, it's crucial to recognize the profound connection between our emotional state and physical health. Often, our bodily ailments are manifestations of deep-seated trauma. It's time to move beyond temporary fixes and superficial comforts – like detachment, excessive screen time, or indulgence in food and shopping. These are mere distractions from the core issues. Instead, let's embrace the transformative power of the Feelings Kit, using these essential oil blends with purpose and consistency to facilitate true healing.

Essential Oils: A Gateway to Emotional Liberation

Why turn to essential oils? The answer lies in the potent combination of aromatherapy and the limbic system's influence on our emotions and mood. Our sense of smell is intricately linked to the brain's areas responsible for processing feelings. The Feelings Kit's blends are rich in compounds that can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, effectively reprogramming and restoring our cellular memory. This is a journey of choice – choosing nature's wisdom over loading our bodies with toxins that only add to cellular confusion.

The Feelings Kit: A Toolkit for Emotional Release

This collection comprises six essential oil blends, each a powerful ally in addressing and releasing emotional patterns. Use them morning and evening to foster peace and spiritual alignment.

Harmony: This blend addresses feelings of being ignored, crushed, or hostile. It's for those moments when we feel out of sync with the world, burdened by sarcasm or stubbornness. Apply Harmony to the affected area and breathe deeply, acknowledging your unique role in life's symphony.

Forgiveness: Composed of high-frequency oils like Melissa and Rose, this blend aids in releasing toxic thoughts and memories. It helps us differentiate between emotional and physical threats, guiding us towards a state of peace. Embrace affirmations of integrity and self-support as you use this blend.

Inner Child: This blend, known as 'The Therapist', helps in revisiting and editing distorted memories. It's for those moments when past hurts resurface, hindering our self-image and relationships. Use Inner Child to give voice to your innermost feelings, acknowledging and nurturing your needs.

Present Time: A blend of neroli, spruce, and ylang ylang, this oil helps anchor you in the now, overcoming past pains. It's a reminder to live in the moment, embracing the present with confidence and peace.

Release: This blend is designed to confront and dispel deep-seated anger and trauma. It's about cleansing your emotional palette, promoting feelings of harmony and unconditional love. Regular use, coupled with affirmations of self-worth, can be transformative.

Valor: Inspired by ancient warriors, Valor is your ally in facing emotional battles. It helps align your body and emotions, releasing tensions stored in physical tissues. Apply it to areas of stress and tightness, and let its grounding fragrance aid your meditation and emotional work.

The Feelings Protocol: A Path to Breakthrough

This protocol, developed by Gary Young, is a comprehensive approach to emotional cleansing:

  1. Begin with Valor on your feet to initiate the cleansing process.

  2. Apply Harmony on chakra points to release negative energy.

  3. Use Forgiveness on the navel, letting go of harmful emotions.

  4. Present Time on the wrists and behind the ears keeps you grounded in the now.

  5. Release over the liver to alleviate frustration.

  6. Inner Child under the nose connects you to your core self.

  7. Conclude with Valor to complete the emotional cleansing.

This journey is profound and requires patience and a peaceful environment. Allow yourself the space for a deep, soulful exploration. May this process bring you incredible breakthroughs and blessings.


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